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Hope you find WCO helpful. Excuse the dust while we renovate.
Mar 10 2014 11:35 PM

Jeff Boswell → Marcel

Nice to see the face of the guy I spoke with today. Hope your getting my posts and the email I sent to Support this morning with attachment showing how we paste a copy of the output into Word and edit it every which way.
Sep 13 2012 08:41 PM


Feel free to contact with any questions in regards to my post. Best regards, Eric [email]eric@custombuiltcrates.com[/email]
Nov 15 2010 08:41 PM

Penn Elcom TX → Penn Elcom CN Latches

you just check the forums for questions and replay to them with links to our site.
Sep 17 2010 09:25 PM

Penn Elcom CN Latches → Penn Elcom TX

what are you doing. how do you get to the listing so I can check ours
Sep 15 2010 06:26 PM


[URL="http://woodencrate.org"]wooden crate[/URL]
Aug 29 2010 09:24 PM


Hi Roland, I don't know why, but your private message never got to me so I'm just now noticing it. As a factor of how Google indexes forums, your post is likely most easily found in the UK forum but it's good to know that something like this is being imposed on LM. It lets me know that I have some research to do myself. Thanks for the info and please post any new info that you may get about the spec.
Dec 30 2009 12:10 AM

schulzr → Administrator

Just so you know, we're a U.S. company (Lockheed Martin), shipping from the U.S. with this requirement imposed on us. My question was really directed to U.S. businesses doing business with the UK. (if any).
Dec 01 2009 07:53 PM


Thanks Jeff. I did get your email. :-)
Oct 26 2009 07:24 PM

Administrator → Marcel

Hi Marcel, If you get this, please give me a call. I've sent you an email but haven't heard back so I'm not sure if it got to you. Thanks, Jeff 800-577-2447 x706
Oct 16 2009 03:08 PM