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Crate Pro Style Families

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The images in this gallery showcase the distinguishing characteristics of each Style Group within a given Style Family.


Explanation of Style Abbreviations:

The 1st letter, which could be either (L), (M) or (H), stands for Light-duty, Medium-duty and Heavy-duty respectively. The terms reflect the general construction methodology and not the actual capacity or strength of the container. The 2nd letter indicates the type of sheathing used, which could be Plywood (P), Lumber (L) or Mixed (M). The 3rd letter indicates the cleating situation: (I) denotes Inside Cleating, (O) - Outside Cleating, and (N) - No Cleating.


Interlocking Cleats on Plywood Styles and on Medium-duty and Light-duty Lumber Styles is predominantly determined by the cleating intersection across the top of the End and Side Panels.

Interlocking Cleats on Light-duty Lumber Styles is determined by the association between Side Panel Top-to-Base Batten Cleats and Top Panel Front-to-Aft Batten Cleats.

Interlocking Cleats on Light-duty Mixed Styles is determined by the association between Top Panel Framing Cleats and End Panel Top-to-Base cleats. Batten Cleats are considered when available.


Base Out, as opposed to Base In, denotes that the Base Panel (either Plywood or Lumber sheathed) is or would be visible from outside a closed container.

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